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First Competition Night – Wednesday October 12th

The first competition night for the season will be on Wednesday the 12th of October, at 5pm.
Don’t forget to swing past the shed to collect your new numbers and badges for the season, to check in and grab your sticker if you’re joining us for Come and Try, or to purchase a cold drink if you’re thirsty!
We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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Little Athletics is an organisation for young people from 4 – 17 years, which provides an opportunity for them to develop talents in all forms of Track and Field Athletics. It is also an activity in which the whole family can become involved, the motto being “FAMILY FUN AND FITNESS”.

Little Athletics is designed to develop children of all abilities by promoting positive attitudes and a healthy lifestyle through family and community involvement in athletic activities.

Competition Nights

Competition Nights

Barossa Valley Little Athletics competition nights are held at the Nuriootpa High School oval, Penrice Road Nuriootpa, on Wednesday evenings at 5:00 pm.

Our Club competition/improvement night commences with a warm up and stretch. After warm ups athletes are grouped into age groups and they move as a group through a program of events accompanied by their rostered age group chaperone and official.

Our Club rotates through 5 different event programmes (see Calendar). Each programme contains a variety of runs, throws and jumps.

Along with our club competition nights, there are a number of interclub and state events that athletes can compete at. These are usually held on Sundays throughout the season.

Athletes in the age groups Under 9 and older can qualify for events a the Little Athletics State Championships Events such as the Relays, Multi event, and the State Individuals Championships.


Training is held at the Nuriootpa High School oval on Monday evenings, 5.00pm to 6.30pm for U6 – U17 age groups.

Our club has certified and experienced coaches for all age groups. Training sessions involve a warm up and stretch followed by skills work, fitness games/activities and then a cool down. Training nights are recommended to help an athlete improve their technique and fitness, but they are not compulsory.


About us

What is Little Athletics?

It’s all about fun, making friends, family participation and healthy activities. If you thought it’s just for the kids, you are about to find out why the philosophy of Little Athletics is: “Family Fun and Fitness” in a supportive and friendly atmosphere.

Little Athletics is a recreational sport for children from 3 to 17 years and their families.

Little Athletes come in all shapes and sizes, with quite varied levels of ability and skills.

Barossa Valley Little Athletics Centre is one of many Centres in South Australia conducting Little Athletics programmes.

Little Athletics covers all the normal activities that children enjoy, like running, throwing and jumping. What we do is provide these activities in a more structured manner.

All athletes are encouraged to participate in all the events offered each day. The emphasis in Little Athletics is on fun, developing skills, coordination and improving fitness levels.

Our Centre, like all other Centres, comes under the control of the South Australian Little Athletics Association (SALAA). The Association organises various major athletic meetings during the year including championships for the U9-U17 age groups.

All athletes have the opportunity to compete at the SANTOS Sports Stadium, covering Relay Championships, Personal Best Day (Tiny Tots-U17), Multi-Event Championships and State Individual Championships (refer Association and Specific Events section further details).

Our Mission

To provide a safe, supervised, family orientated sporting activity that promotes a fun and healthy lifestyle, for children of all abilities.

Our Philosophy

Little Athletics is all about Being Your Best. The emphasis is on fun, participation, achieving personal bests and getting involved with your family in physical and healthy activity, so it is not surprising that the motto of Little Athletics is “Family, Fun & Fitness”

Who Can Join ?

Barossa Valley Little Athletics Centre welcomes athletes aged from 3 to 17.
The age group is determined by the Child’s age on the 31st December in the year the season commences. Tiny Tots must have turned 3 before they can register.
An age group identifier is available Here

Come and Try

Come & Try

Do you want to try before you register?

Families can do a two week free ‘Come and Try’ at the Barossa Valley LAC.

If you wish to do a ‘come and try’ please visit the South Australia Little Athletics Association website (, click on come and try and register your come and trys with Barossa Valley Centre.

Please note:  Results will only be recorded officially from the time an athlete is fully registered.

Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement

Each Competition night the track needs setting up and officials are needed to run the meet and chaperone the athletes. This is not the total responsibility of the committee but as parents of athletes the onus is on you to assist and help run meetings.

Athletes like to see their parents participating and you will get a better appreciation of your child’s achievements.

It is an expectation in Little Athletics that parents assist on Competition Nights.  By everyone pitching in, the load is shared and we can all enjoy the benefits of this great family activity.

The Parent Help form is required as part of Registration

Tiny Tots

Tiny Tots

Tiny Tots (3-4 year olds) participate in activities that promote co-ordination, balance and a variety of motor skills such as long jumps, bean bag throws, obstacle courses and relays. They are also given the opportunity to run sprints on occasion.

Inclement Weather

Wet Weather Policy

In the event of rain / thunder/ lightening on a scheduled Competition night the committee will consult and make a decision at 4.30pm to either proceed or cancel the competition night.

After this time for confirmation as to whether the competition night is to proceed or has been cancelled you can contact Jim (0407 052 137).

Hot Weather Policy

If the temperature at 4.00 pm is 35°C or higher as recorded at the Nuriootpa weather station on a planned improvement night, a modified program of 3 events will commence at 6 pm.

If the temperature at 4.00pm is 40°C or higher as recorded at the Nuriootpa weather station on a planned improvement night, the night will be cancelled.

If the temperature at 4.00pm is 35°C or higher as recorded at the Nuriootpa weather station on a training night, training is cancelled for all age groups.

Any alterations will be notified by SMS as soon as possible

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